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Client List

Maya Moon Media has provided valuable services on various projects for a number of national, and international clients and companies


FEATURE FILMS: Everything Relative, Noches Oscuras, Best Enemies, Paning for Gold with No Money Down, The Vacation, Hot Shoe, Fast Lane, Blown Away, The Elves and the Shoemaker, To Bring Her Home, Token.


TELEVISION PROJECTS: Celebrity Threads, I Love Inns, Chick Trips, Kidsplace/Cheeruppet World, Coastal Cuisine, An Affair To Remember, The 411 On You, American Drifter, Access Health, The Healers, Starlite Rod & Kustom, Real Women, Backstage Café, Vid Pitch, DVD Geeks, Away We Go, Matrix Wellness, Quantum Medicine, Island Breeze Water Sports, Dover’s Gate, Freedom Music, The Messengers, Quest for Giants, The Rookie, Kids on The Porch, American Trucker, The Fittin’ In Inn, Signs of Love, Fish Kids, Addiction Bootcamp, Dance of Romance, The Source, B in Tune, Access Health, Food On Your Table, Get A Life, The Buster, This Job Sucks, Irish Builders, Girls Night Out, American Riders TV, Kumni African Cooking TV, Love Mechanics, Milwood, The Gossiping Gourmet, Dance in the Butterfly’s Garden, Out There TV, Reality TV, Restoration USA, Mystic Healers, Bedford Falls, Rockin’ America, The Pitch, You Dick!, Celebrity Court, Wellness Hour, American Infomercial, The Inner View, Jobe3, Love Inc., Shin Dance Academy, The Soul Detectives, 


COMPANIES: Trump Hotel and Casinos, Zero Point Capital Films, The Equitable, DLJ, Credit Suisse, Aero Mexico, Mexicana Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Albertsons’ Markets, American Film Studios, Market Basket, CanCun Tips Magazine, Creativo Vera, America One Network, Castle Creek Productions, InterReality Entertainment, RKG Productions, Sheba Foods, The Learning Annex, Lighthouse Entertainment, Monster Inc., Celebrity Brokers, Debut Productions, People Growers of America, Rapid Dating, Stoler Media, Sandman Studios, Avatar Entertainment, Torrance Hospital, Triangle Entertainment, FreQuix Technologies, Sowa Studios, Ancient American Magazine , Barakat Galleries, Avalon Equity Group.


Mark is one a very few select “Discount Partners” of the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) offering his specialized writing services to the organization’s members.

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